Francisco Mat – Developer

Francisco Matelli Matulovic
Email fmatelli at
Whatsapp +55 (11) 958 843 715
age 33
Github Profile franciscof5
LinkedIn francisco
Marital Status single
languages English, native Portuguese, Spanish
Residence Itacare, Bahia – Brazil

Short Professional Bio:
Strong IT skills since young and passionate by technology and inovation.

BSc Management – São Paulo State University UNESP (2007-2010)
BTech Computer Science (not concluded) – São Paulo State Technological College FATEC (2013-2014)
MSc Management (not concluded) – University of São Paulo USP (2014-2016)
Theater Technical Course – Recriarte (2019)

Skills, Tools & Knowledge
TechnologiesHTML/CSS (91), PHP (77), WordPress (68), Flash (50), JavaScript (34), SQL (19), 3D (14), Video (16), ShellScript (4)
Amb – Unix, Linux, Shell Script, SSH, SSL/HTTPS (LetsEncrypt), Apache, Mysql, Mariadb, HostGator, AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode

My  work experience is strongly related to entrepreneur projects and professional consultancy for web, mobile and game development.

Work Experience

Project development and code, worked presential or remote, with development of back and front-end, infra structure setting, deploy, CI/CD, database and hosting migration, advanced settings for apps and sites, specially WordPress.

  • 2020 sep / current. Cogna – PHP/WordPress/JavaScript full-stack developer.
  • 2019 dec / 2020 mar. FTD Editora – PHP/WordPress/JavaScript full-stack developer.
  • 2019 oct / 2020 jun. – PHP/WordPress full-stack developer.
  • 2019 set / 2019 oct. Orkest Full Stack .NET/ JavaScript development.
  • 2018 dec / 2019 set. Hsol. Full Stack. WordPress / Angular / Laravel programming
  • 2017 aug / 2017 dec. Novometodo Sistemas. JavaScript consultancy, Node.JS simple aplication for technolgy evaluation.
  • 2013 sep / 2013 oct. 4partner/Na5. PHP/WordPress full-stack developer
  • 2013 apr / 2013 mai. Vorttex CO. PHP/WordPress full-stack developer. Cultural contest for Editora Saraiva, with more than 300 thousands of professors participants.
  • 2013 jan/mar.  CDI Ventures. PHP/WordPress full-stack developer. Online game based in WordPress technology.
  • 2006 jan / current. Consultant. Developing, consulting and training.
  • 2003-2005. Novometodo Sistemas. PHP/Flash junior developer. Flash educational games with advanced physics and gravaty simulation.

Featured projects:
You can check a list of many projects I did, through my github profile or my portfolio, I highlighted the following projects:

2021 – PHP/WordPress/VueJS – Monte Sua Prova
PHP / WordPress / JavaScript development for the biggest education player of Brazil and World. This web system provides teachers a tools to create schools tests, choosing more than 100 thousands questions, print and editing it. It using VueJS, that provides and fast application, to filter, paginate and more. It is focused in public schools and promotes PNLD books of the main group of book editors.

2020 – PHP/WordPress/jQuery – FTD Portal
PHP / WordPress / JavaScript development for the FTD publisher’s main portal. Updated layout and functionality, adding responsiveness, to an on-air portal, interconnected with several systems, for over 10 years. The large number of visits and the main showcase of FTD with its public makes this project very important for the organization.

2018-2019 – PHP/WordPress/AngularJS – HotShopOnline
WordPress, AngularJS and Laravel development for redemption portal for awards granted through incentive marketing campaigns promoted by the HSOL agency. Organization tasks, understanding the needs of various areas (operational, handling, financial, management). Creation of a contract system, issuing invoices, linking order redemptions with suppliers, among others.

2016-2017 – PHP/WordPress/Shell/SQL
In finishing stage. WordPress plugin: F5 Sites WordPress Mysql Manager and F5 Sites Shared Posts Tables & Taxonomies. With these two plugins you can create smarter WordPress backup and management routines for multiple domains, allowing you to work with a unified user base and shared theme and plugin files, making it easy to synchronize instances (local-remote) and allowing the rapid launch of new projects. Practical result: Multiple sites and services unified in a WordPress installation.

2013 -PHP/WordPress
Cultural Contest Plante Ideias (Editora Saraiva), customer Vorttex CO. It consisted in designing the system of a project contest using the WordPress system, respecting its data model and developing an exclusive theme based on layout, competing for the draw of 10 iPads, participated in the initiative more than 300 thousand teachers, sending ideas of how to use technology in innovatives ways in the classroom.

2011-2013 – PHP/WordPress/JavaScript
Pomodoros System. Entrepreneurship project, an online app to measure time spent in projects, developed with own resources, recently updated code. In 2014 it counted on more than 600 users, however it was deactivated by 2 years, recently returned online for tests and pre-launch of Pomodoros Black, most recent, still unfinished version. Check out other versions: 2011, 2017.

2005 – Flash/ActionScript
Educational Games, company Novometodo, for teachingigh school students physics, with use of simulators, such as tracer of the projectile launch (screenshot), gravity, DuFay law, reflection of mirrors, etc. Biology animations such as meiosis, protein synthesis and kingdoms were also started. Project not completed.

Target positions:

  • Developer (PHP / WordPress / JavaScript)
  • Project Manager


  • Rafael, Project Manager CDI Ventures
  • Junior, Vorttex CO, Project Manager
  • José Ivo, CEO, Novometodo
  • Fernando, Commercial Director, HotShopOnline

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