Francisco Mat – Developer

name Francisco Matelli Matulovic
whatsapp +55 (11) 958 843 715
github portfolio franciscof5
video presentation
age 30
marital status single
languages English, native Portuguese, Spanish
residence Sao Paulo, Brazil

Short Professional Bio:
Strong IT skills since young and passionate by technology.

BSc Magament – São Paulo State University (UNESP)
BTech Computer Science (not concluded) – São Paulo State Technological College (FATEC)
MSc Management (not concluded) – University of São Paulo (USP)

Skills, Tools & Knowledge
TechnologiesHTML/CSS (76), PHP (65), WordPress (58), Flash (48), JavaScript (26), SQL (16), 3D (14), Video (15), ShellScript (1)
Amb – Unix, Linux, Shell Script, SSH, SSL/HTTPS (LetsEncrypt), Apache, Mysql, Mariadb, HostGator, AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode

My  work experience is strongly related to entrepreneur projects and professional consultancy for web, mobile and game development.

Dec 2018 – current – Full Stack Developer
WordPress / Angular / Laravel programming

2002 – 2018 – Entrepreneur Freelancer Consultant
Eventual consulting, training, programming and production work, from 2002 to present.

2017 aug/dec – Novometodo Sistemas Especialistas
JavaScript consultancy, Node.JS simple aplication for technolgy evaluation.

2013 sep/oct – 4partner/Na5
PHP/WordPress full-stack developer

2013 apr/mai – Vorttex CO
PHP/WordPress full-stack developer. Cultural contest for Editora Saraiva, with more than 300 thousands of professors participants.

2013 jan/mar – CDI Ventures,
PHP/WordPress full-stack developer. Online game based in WordPress technology.

2004 apr/nov Novometodo Sistemas Especialistas,
PHP/Flash junior developer. Flash educational games with advanced physics and gravaty simulation.


  • Rafael D’Alessandro Pires, Gerente de Projetos CDI Ventures, (11) 981 107 963
  • Júnior Zacarias, Vorttex CO, Gerente de Projetos, (11) 2679 0025
  • José Ivo Rocha Campos Filho, CEO, Novometodo, (11) 988 201 232

Online resume:
Access the online version of this curriculum at: (password: hireme)